Cyber Security Awareness Month: Internet Crimes, Fraud

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Since the onset of COVID-19, cybersecurity threats have run rampant. As such, we at Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam believe it is more important than ever to recognize that October is National Cyber Security Month. Organized by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, this awareness month was created in an effort to minimize crimes.

Cyber Crime on the Rise, Flimsy Prosecution

While times are evolving, the basics of cybercrime have not. Most commonly, computer-related crime including hacking and phishing occurs when hackers attempt to invade commercial and government websites to get user information.

Though we’ve seen an influx of crime and fraud surrounding online sales, now more than ever, being accused of cybercrime is easy because of online anonymity and false accusations. As a result, circumstantial evidence is sometimes enough for law enforcement to move forward with the prosecution which is unfortunate if you are the one behind bars.

Of course, we want justice to be served to victims of crime, but when flimsy evidence is giving you a life-altering sentence, there must be justice for that as well.

How to Protect Yourself from False Accusations

Cybercrime rates have increased exponentially as the ways of social media, online banking, and internet activity has evolved. As a result, law enforcement is being asked to prosecute at higher rates to keep up with the crimes. But that means that officers of the law are being asked to make arrests and bring forward charges with minimal training on how to identify fraudulent activity, perpetrators, and how to maintain strong legal practices to ensure charges are brought forward against the right people.

What To Do If You Are Charged with A Cybercrime

If you are facing cyber charges, know that you cannot handle this alone. You need a strong legal defense behind you who will pull apart evidence and find the facts that just do not line up. Your future, your job, and your family depend on the strength of your legal team. And that’s where we come in.

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