Are Some Types of Drinkers More Prone to Scranton DWIs?

Consuming alcohol is going to have an impact on every person, especially when a lot of alcohol is consumed. While the body processes alcohol the same way for everyone, The Telegraph suggests people begin to change in varying ways when they have drunk too much. Psychologists recently aimed to assess whether there were different “types” of drinkers and whether a person’s drinking type could have an effect on the likelihood the individual would get into trouble after consuming alcohol.

While it is a novelty to consider what type of drinker you are, the reality is anyone who has consumed too much alcohol can be arrested for impaired driving. Whether you feel drunk or meant to get behind the wheel, having a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 or higher can lead to your arrest. It does not, however, need to lead to your conviction. A DWI defense lawyer can provide assistance to anyone who has been accused of impaired driving in raising defenses or seeking to negotiate a plea deal to reduce the charges.

What Type of Drinker Are You and How Does Your Type Affect the Likelihood of a DWI?

Psychologists determined the different types of drinkers by conducting personality tests on 364 men and women. The test was designed to assess the individuals’ personalities when they were sober, as well as when they were impaired. After reviewing the test responses, four distinct categories of drinkers were identified based on how consuming alcohol changes people. The categories include:

  • The Hemingway. People in this category do not appear to be impaired even after consuming a lot of alcohol. They do not generally seem to experience the same difficulty grasping complex concepts, remaining organized, or engaging in responsible behavior as other drinkers do. While people who fit into this category may not seem drunk, and may not feel impaired, they may still be arrested, charged, and even convicted with a BAC of .08 or higher. This is because there is a presumption of impairment at this level of intoxication, even if you do not feel as though the alcohol is affecting you.
  • The Nutty Professor. People within this category experience dramatic changes in their personality, becoming more outgoing and more willing to take risks. Those who are classified as Nutty Professors often have “liquid courage,” which can create problems when the desire to take risks leads to driving impaired. You can still be held responsible for impaired driving even if you were drunk when you made the decision to get behind the wheel.
  • The Mary Poppins. Within this category, drinkers are the least likely to get into legal trouble. The Mary Poppins drinkers tend to become more friendly and compassionate the more alcohol they consume. This group is mostly made up of women.
  • The Mr. Hyde. This group gets its name from Dr. Jekyll’s alter-ego. The Mr. Hyde drinkers tend to experience the biggest decline in cognitive function and in responsibility. Individuals within this category may be most likely to be charged with impaired driving and other offenses related to alcohol.

Regardless of what type of drinker you could be categorized as you do not want decisions made while impaired to affect your future. If you are charged with drunk driving, be sure you get the legal help you need to defend yourself and try to avoid a conviction.

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