Do You Need a Scranton Real Estate Attorney to Buy a House?

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In the state of Pennsylvania, it’s not required for buyers to involve a real estate attorney in their purchase of a home. This sounds like the Keystone State is giving people more purchasing power, and in a way they are. At the same time, it has left people open to being taken advantage of during purchases and sales. When you tell people they don’t need something, they don’t always research why they may want to.

This opening in Pennsylvania law has left people ignorant about several different aspects of a real estate transaction that can harm them later. There are reasons why other states require real estate attorneys for estate transactions, and they double as reasons why you need a real estate attorney to buy a house.

Why You Need a Scranton Real Estate Attorney for Your Purchase

There are a multitude of legal responsibilities that you inherit as a home buyer. Nearly all of them have to do with the documents that must be created and signed by the purchaser and seller. If you try to do it yourself, or worse, sign documents that you haven’t read and understood, you can be left at a disadvantage or at the mercy of a loophole or clause you didn’t understand. Even something as simple as a mistake can keep you from getting the house you want.

These issues and mistakes have official terms because, in fact, they happen that often. Here’s what a real estate lawyer protects you from.

  • Lien on the title: 30% of home sales suffer from issues having to do with financing and titling. Liens are claims on property that keep owners from selling their property until debts are paid. These can stop your purchase cold, or even make it illegal for your seller to sell while there’s a lien on the home’s title.
  • Disclosure issues: The home seller is not your friend, they will make a home appear better than it is to make their money. A real estate lawyer knows what inspections to consider, inspectors to hire, and what a legal document may be hiding about the house’s condition between the fine print.
  • Contract disputes: A lawyer can represent you in negotiations on the technicalities, costs, and transfer of ownership. This keeps the terms of purchase fair so a seller can’t strongarm a buyer into accepting any debts or damages taken on before they purchase the home.
  • Drafting & reviewing documents: You can’t sign a document for a home purchase on a blank piece of paper; it needs to be written, and it may benefit you to have a representative there. Even if you don’t, you want someone to review it in your interest. There are legal verbiage and terms that fill any real estate transaction that needs to be reviewed to make sure that you’re protected.

Look No Further Than Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam

Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam has a team of experienced Scranton real estate attorneys who know just how to help you out. We’ll be there for you before, during, and after the sale to make sure that you’re financially and legally secure in your home.

Don’t let the lack of laws requiring real estate attorneys convince you that you don’t need one. Contact our firm today to learn why you need a Scranton real estate attorney for your home purchase.

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