Self Defense Insurance Protects Gun Owners

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As a responsible gun owner in Pennsylvania, you likely have taken the necessary protocols seriously when it comes to owning your own gun. As a holder of a permit to concealed carry, you know the inherent risks of pulling your gun when it is not a life or death matter.

Maybe you only have the permit to carry just in case. Obviously, you hope to never have to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, the day comes that you do. Now, you are pleading self-defense. But is there more you could have done?

Some states offer self-defense insurance to gun owners so that this legal battle doesn’t have to be so strenuous. But is it worth it? Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam has the answers.

What is Self-Defense Insurance?

Self-defense insurance, or concealed carry insurance, provides legal protections to a holder if the individual should have to act in self-defense or is involved in a home-defense event.

Typically, the insurance will cover legal representation and defense, if you are subjected to a criminal investigation which is common in a self-defense case. Such coverage may also work towards civil court proceedings where the family of the perpetrator of a violent act may try to sue for damages.

Other potential protections depending on the policy include:

  • Police investigation
  • Confiscation of the weapon
  • Missed work resulting in lost wages
  • Legal fees
  • Bail bonds
  • Court appearances
  • Possible conviction and sentencing
  • Potential civil liability for pain, suffering, and damages

It’s important to remember that no two policies are the same, so you must review the terms. In addition, this insurance is not like typical insurance coverage as it works to provide legal protection services that come from a general fund, rather than an underwriting process by an insurance company.

Should I get insurance?

Many times, we do not think of the moment that we have to use our weapon. We just have it in case the moment comes to fruition. Unfortunately, this also means that if we do pull the trigger, there are a series of legal events that follow.

Though self-defense insurance is not a fix-all and does not stop criminal investigations in self-defense cases from stopping, it can save you financially. If you are considering self-defense insurance, you may want to show policies to your attorney to see if coverage overlaps with homeowners’ insurance, and what plans will actually work best for you.

Self-Defense Attorneys of Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam

If you have acted in self-defense and hold an insurance policy, you may wonder if it can help offset legal fees. If you have questions on your policy, contact Mazzoni Valvano Szewczyk & Karam today. In addition to reviewing your insurance policy, we can defend you in the courtroom. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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